I’m Frida Westerberg, a graphic designer with a touch of artisan flair, based on the Gold Coast, Australia. Drawing inspiration from my upbringing immersed in craftsmanship, I developed a deep passion for design, shapes, and colours at an early age, influenced by observing my father’s work in the wood workshop.
Now, as a graphic designer with a background rooted in beauty and customer service, I seamlessly blend creativity with expertise to produce visually captivating designs. I specialise in graphics and excel in crafting visually engaging designs that resonate with audiences.
I transform concepts into stunning visuals, and I am dedicated to enhancing brand identities through strategic use of colours, typography, and layout.
Welcome to my world of storytelling. Let's collaborate or connect - your story could be the next masterpiece.
For inqiries or to see other work of mine, please email me on

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